Date News and Announcements
27 Apr 2017 1. The seating layout and plan for the final day, safety and evacuation slides and the transport advisory are now online.

If your school is not indicated in any of the seating layouts, please sit at the east or west public seating area. Enter through gate 15 and 21 respectively.

2. Few reminders for the Final Day (28 April 2017)

- you are allowed to enter the Sportshub from 12.30pm onwards (Gate 15, 16, 20 & 21)
- please refer to the website for reporting times to Call Room 1
- your students are allowed to bring their own personal water bottle BUT only water is allowed . NO other form of drinks will be allowed to be brought into the stadium.
- no whistles or loud hailers are allowed in the stadium
- ensure that all bags and personal belongings are attended to at all times during the event.

24 Apr 2017 There will be a briefing for all Track and Field teachers' in-charge on the 26 April 2017. Please meet at the OCBC Arena reception counter at 2.45pm. There will be a walkabout after the briefing from 4 to 5pm.

All teachers' in charge are strongly encouraged to attend the briefing especially if their athletes are competing on the final day.
24 Apr 2017 Event S18A-10, Pole Vault Open Girls has been rescheduled to the 28 April 2017, 3.00pm at Sportshub as event S19-09A.
19 Apr 2017 The updated Prize Presentation Schedule is now online. Please ensure that your athletes are present for the prize presentation.
19 Apr 2017 The following events will be rescheduled to the following dates and times :

Thursday 20th April 2017

a) 1105 80mH C Girls (1035 reporting time)
b) 1110 100mH B Girls Finals (1040)
c) 1115 100mH A Girls Finals (1045)
d) 1120 100mH C Boys Finals (1050)
e) 1125 110mH B Boys Finals (1055)
f) 1130 110mH A Boys Finals (1100)

Friday 21st April 2017

a) 0830 High Jump C Girls Finals (0750 reporting time)
b) 1000 Long Jump C Boys Finals (0920)
12 Apr 2017 The latest results for 4 x 100m C girls & boys are published on the website.
11 Apr 2017 All race walkers are informed they are not allowed to wear long tights that cover the knees for all of the race walk events.
11 Apr 2017 The 4 X 100m C girls results will be published at a later date.
11 Apr 2017 The updated Prize Presentation Schedule is now online. If need be, please ensure that your athletes are present for the prize presentation.
10 Apr 2017 All prize winners from session 3 and 4 (throws events) are to take note that the prize presentation will take place during session 7 at 4.30pm.

Thank you
6 Apr 2017 The remaining 2 heats for the 3000m C boys will be postponed to session 5 on Tuesday, the 11th April at 8am. Reporting time for heat 2 is 7.40am and heat 3 at 7.50am.
6 Apr 2017 We would like to apologise to all schools and Track and Field teachers-in-charge for the following announcement.

There have been some changes in the Event Order for the 58th Track and Field Championships.

Session 10 (17/04/2017 PM session) has been shifted to the 24/04/2017 PM session and is now known as Session 18A, except for the following:
a) S10-07 (1500m walk B boys Finals) shifted to S15-07A at 4.15pm
b) S10-10 (1500m walk C Girls Finals) shifted to S09-00 at 8.15am
c) S09-11 (Triple Jump B Boys Qualifying Rounds) shifted to 18-01A at 8.30am

The revised and latest Event Order will be uploaded by the 7th April 2017, 5p.m.

Thank you.
4 Apr 2017 Prize Presentation Schedule

The Prize Presentation Schedule is now online. If need be, please ensure that your athletes are present for the prize presentation.
4 Apr 2017 Safety and Evacuation Plan

The Safety and Evacuation Plan for both Hwa Chong Institution and Bishan Stadium venues are now online. Please do familiarize with them before the start of the meet on the 6th April 2017.
31 Mar 2017 The Event Start List is ready for download. Please click on Sessions Schedule and Results navigation tab to view.
29 Mar 2017 1) The final Event Order and Summary Event Order are now online.
Major changes from the tentative event order have been highlighted in yellow.

2) Please note the changes to the rules and regulations regarding automatic qualification by position for long distance events. In particular, note that for B Division Boys 1500m, there are 7 heats and therefore there will only be 1 automatic qualifier by position for each heat, with the best 9 losers progressing.
28 Mar 2017 The Number Tag List and Number Tag Summary are ready to download.
22 Feb 2017 SSSC Track & Field Rule and Regulation 2017 Uploaded.